About Me

I’m Zoe Hills,

Coming from a sporting background (Badminton) I began playing aged 7 and represented my county, progressing onto becoming a coach at 16, then going on to coach for the county I played for as a junior.

Throughout my badminton career I sustained many injuries, most recently a shoulder injury. Months later I decided to seek treatment from a sports therapist myself. Together we worked on many different treatment strategies to help with my shoulder. Eventually I required surgery, with the help of the NHS physiotherapist and the sports massage therapist, I was able to return to playing badminton again.

During this process I found myself exploring the concept of becoming a sports therapist and to help others, as my sports therapist helped me get back to sporting success. 

I have completed YMCA Level 3 + 4 sports massage therapy qualifications and also KT Taping and Taping for sport CPD Qualifications. I am furthering my knowledge and skillset by currently studying a Sports and Exercise Therapy degree to develop myself and the services I am able to offer.

“No two people are the same, so therefore no two treatments should be the same.”